Recent Media

Trusting God through Fiery Trials SERIES Trusting God through Fiery Trials

David Jones
1 Peter 4:12-19

The Gospel-Centered Life SERIES The Gospel-Centered Life

David Jones
1 Peter 4:1-11

From Grave to Glory SERIES From Grave to Glory

David Jones
1 Peter 3:18-22

Marital Harmony SERIES Marital Harmony

David Jones
1 Peter 3:1-7



Living as resident aliens in this world.

Walking by Faith When Only God Knows the Destination


Living in Light of God's Grace

Titus 2:11-14

It's So Hard to Say Goodbye

Peter LeBlanc

Easter Weekend

March 30 and April 1st

The Vital Signs of a Genuine Christian

Dave Corning

Unlikely Heroines

the ancestry of Jesus

To the Ends of the Earth

Church Planter

Who Is My Neighbor?

Larry Jacob

Christmas Eve Services

Services on Christmas Eve

The Invasion of God

Christmas Sermon

Discipleship: Studies in Matthew

Looking at discipleship in the book of Matthew.

When our Thanksgiving is Worship

Rod Elliott

Fulfilling Our Destiny

Missions Emphasis Weekend

The Cross, The Corinthians, and the Christian

Wes Johnson

The Gifts and the Gospel

Ephesians 4:11-16

Help for the Hurting Marriage

A series with biblical insights into God's plan for marriage.

The Two Cities

Dan Lewis

Wait for the Lord

Eric Posteluk

L’Dor V’Dor: From Generation to Generation

David Lovi

In Christ

Con Campbell


A verse by verse study of the Book of Romans.


Ephesians 2

Rite of Passage Ceremony

Annual Ceremony

Good Friday 2017

Gordy Williams

James Bultema

Paving the Way For Peace

Frank Turek

Guest Speaker

New Years 2017

God’s Not Done:
The Lord Can Do New Things

Christmas 2016

The Ultimate Gift

Thanksgiving 2016

Give Thanks to God

Second to None

Mike Busch, Executive Director -Love INC

Missions Empahasis Weekend

Missions Emphasis Weekend

Doing a 180

That Life Changing Moment

Spiritual Abuse

A Two Week Series on the Danger of Spiritual Abuse


Hard Topics from a Biblical Perspective

Summer Sermon Series

Sermon Series in the Psalms

The Sermon on the Mount

A Christian Manifesto

Con Campbell

Con Campbell

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

Tim Sigler

Song of Solomon

The Value of Belonging

An Enduring purpose in uncertain times

Isaiah's Messiah

Isaiah's prophecy about Jesus

In the Beginning Pt.II

The Genesis of Brokenness

New Building Project

Looking at God's direction for our church for the future.

Radical and Scandalous

Psalm 139

The Unseen Enemy

The Dangers of Spiritual Warefare

A Strong Delusion

A sermon on the state of marriage.

Special Services

Guest Speakers

In the Beginning

The Genesis of Brokenness

Passion Week 2015

Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday 2015

Final Destination

From Death to Final State

All to Him I Owe

A Primer on Christian Stewardship

Rise Up O Men of God

Men's Focus

The First Christmas

Christmas 2014

Enduring Hope

Living in Light of Christ's Return


Building a Wise Family

Basics for a Thriving Church

3 week mini-series with Todd Berge

Holy Week 2014

Palm Sunday
Good Friday
Easter Sunday

Blessed Assurance

The Message of 1 John

The Incarnation

Series on the Incarnation of Christ


Hard Topics from a Biblical Perspective

Summer 2013

Message Preached during the Summer of 2013

Church on the Move

Studies in the Book of Acts

A Light to the Nations

Mission in the Old Testament