Marriage Mentoring

M.E.S.H.  Ministry
(Marriage Enrichment, Support and Harmony)

Our ministry is centered on Marriage Mentoring. We have 15 trained couples who have a variety of life experiences and are committed to sharing their successes and mistakes with other couples in a non-threatening, casual, marriage mentoring setting.

The purpose of marriage mentoring is to lovingly invest in the preparation, maximization, and restoration of lifelong marriages by walking alongside couples who are less experienced than their mentors.

A real, life mentor, one who serves as a model and provides individualized help and encouragement, can be invaluable to a receptive couple.

A marriage mentor couple:

  • Willingly shares what they know (in a non-competitive way)
  • Represents skill, knowledge, virtue, and accomplishment because they have gone before the couple they are mentoring
  • Takes a personal and heartfelt interest in the other couple's development and well-being
  • Offers support, challenge, patience, and enthusiasm while guiding other couples to new levels of competence
  • Points the way and represents tangible evidence of what another couple can become
  • Exposes the recipients of their mentoring to new ideas, perspectives, and standards
  • Has more expertise in terms of knowledge yet views themselves as equal to those they mentor.

There are three areas of marriage where mentors are invaluable:
PREPARING: Mentoring Engaged and Newlywed Couples
MAXIMIZING: Mentoring Couples from Good to Great
REPAIRING: Mentoring Couples in Distress

If you are interested in being mentored to improve your marriage, or if you feel God is calling you to be a mentor, please contact Wayne and Clara Lutz.