Rite of Passage Event

Discipleship of adults has always been part of the fabric that makes up VCB.  Now, we are applying the principles of discipling and equipping that we hold so dear to our children.  We know that when parents, individual church members, and the church as a whole invest in the training and development of our young people they grow to become men and women who glorify the Lord. 

Sadly, the nationwide statistics reveal that when churches do “church as usual”, young people leave – many never return.

The upcoming Rite of Passage Event is a piece of the Legacy Discipleship Plan that we are working diligently to establish at VCB.  The Legacy Discipleship Plan is a process of intentional equipping of parents, discipling of children, and celebrating of the Lord’s work in the lives of families.  It is this combination of supporting parents, investing in kids, and celebrating milestones that develops a faith that sticks in our youth.  Join the entire church for this significant event and make a difference in the lives of our young men and women and an impact on Christ’s kingdom.

This year's Rite of Passage Event has been postponed until sometime in 2019.

Preparing for the Rite of Passage classes are required for participation and will be held one Saturday a month February through April in the Club ROCK room.

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We recognize that your time is valuable and that the Rite of Passage Event is a significant time commitment.  However, this is time well spent.  It is time invested in our youth that will yield great returns for the benefit of the kingdom and glory of our Lord. 

If you have any questions, please contact the church office at 847-381-5221.

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