You are a Key Ingredient

Studies show that there are three key ingredients that make up the recipe for a child becoming a life-long follower of Christ: our children must be given a strong biblical foundation; have parents who invest in them and the church; and have adults outside of their families who really care about them.

You are far more than a person we need to fill an open volunteer spot.  You are a person who can make an eternal impact on a child!  We need you to make an investment in our children that will yield a positive return for all eternity!  Please pray about where your gifts can be best used to benefit our children.

To get plugged in, please complete a volunteer application form and contact our CFM Director, Wes Johnson.

Volunteers 12 years through 17 years old click here for an application.

Volunteers 18 years and older click here for an application.

Thank you in advance for your help!