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Caring for God's people 
Reaching out to help

Team work
Attending to needs
Making a call

Mission: To equip believers to show God's love in practical ways to those in Village Church with specific needs.

Vision: To establish a team of believers who will connect people who have needs to people and resources that can meet those needs.

Presently we rely on one or two caregivers who serve on a monthly basis, either on their own or with the help of volunteers, to meet short-term needs that are brought to the attention of the church family.

Goals: To provide care for continuing needs in several areas such as  visitation, finances, new babies, grief counseling, service projects, meals, funerals and encouragement.

If you have a caring heart and helpful hands, we invite YOU  to participate in this
fulfilling ministry.

PLEASE JOIN US! Contact Dee Oyler for more information or to join the team.