Kenya Partnership

The Kenya Water Project was founded in 2007 to supply safe drinking water in Nyanza Province in western Kenya, where one VCB member grew up. There was only one well serving the village of  Wanyande and surrounding villages. Women and children commonly walked six miles to the well. The Nzoia River, once a supply of safe water, became polluted and carried waterborne diseases. Tragically, this VCB member's own brother, Nyarotho, died from typhoid fever a few years ago from using the water. 

In July 2007, fundraising was well underway and a VCB short-term missions team traveled to the village to prepare for the well drilling and scope out other project ideas. With generous donations from VCB, one well was drilled in November 2007 centrally located to serve the 12,000 people of the Usonga location.area.

In July 2010 another VCB short-term team traveled to the area to run Vacation Bible School and to train teachers to get the Word of God into the hearts of hundreds of children in the area.

2018 Kenya Trip

Our plan this year is to once again partner with the Sumba clinic in Usonga to provide medical care, an optometry clinic, and ministry in the local schools. Our team is also involved in coordinating and providing a Pastors conference in that village while we are there, intent on encouraging and supporting 60 local church pastors from the surrounding villages in Western Kenya. 

Please consider partnering with us through prayer and financial support. The cost of this trip will be $60,000, which includes the costs of travel, medical supplies, and materials for the pastors conference.  Gifts to the Village Church of Barrington are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  

We recognize that it will only be through God’s strength and guidance that we will be able to be a blessing to this village on the other side of the world. Your prayer support both while we are in Kenya as well as leading up to the trip will be greatly needed and appreciated.

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