Pacific Garden Mission  provides for the physical, emotional and
spiritual needs of the hurting men, women, and children who come to PGM. PGM offers believers the joy of helping people who are in great need, at a time in their lives when life is no longer
working, a time when help can open their hearts to the Gospel and the life changing work of the
Holy Spirit. It is such an exciting and joyful experience to work with so many who are open to
the Good News.

Vision Statement: We offer life answers through faith in Jesus Christ, through any season of life, so that our guests become fully functioning followers of Christ.

Mission Statement: We serve with the compassion of Christ and minister with the transforming message of the gospel.

Top 5 Needs

1. Mentoring of program men and women
2. Clerical
3. Working with children
4. Daily setup of meals and sleeping areas
5. Building project

VCB Contact: Dave Fuller